First fabrics collection presented at Maison&Objet 2016

December 2015. Sicis, the worldwide Italian leader of luxury mosaics, chooses the international scenario of Maison&Object (Paris, 22-26 January 2016) to show for the first time the stunning and innovative fabrics collection, thought to “dress” sofas and spaces. The brand continues to follow the furniture and lifestyle road, begun in 2012, going beyond and reinterpreting the antique mosaic art with a great intuition that it is also a great challenge: transposing the beloved and timeless theme of Cosmati in fabric, in order to make it precious, shining and exclusive.

Once again, the fine creativity of the architect Massimiliano Raggi joins Sicis to create a product line that it is the haute couture of home coverings.

In velvet, viscose, lurex and other polyester fabrics, but also in opaque cotton wisely mixed, the most significant patterns of the Maison come to life. Among them, we can find floral motives with an oriental taste of the Dolium panels and the Zaira’s poetic ramages. In addition, the famous monochromatic trend in the tone of gold, platinum that changes to silver, bronze and shining black; without forgetting the legendary Cosmati designs, strength of the brand that had the capacity of reinventing them.

sofa sicis fabrics tessere

All the fabrics have been developed with the Jacquard technique and by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen. The textiles that take inspiration from the artistic Dolium pieces and from the Zaira decorative elements are realized with haute couture looms, pledging high standard finishing.

The architect Massimiliano Raggi explains: “Usually light games, vibrations, reliefs and joints rise tesserae after tesserae, no matter if it is a surface or a furniture piece. We manage to replicate these same effects into our fabrics. Result: the craftsmanship of the tiny mosaic making is present in every single element of the collection. The original designs of Sicis have personalities and tri-

dimensionality, all details are glorified, the tailor’s attention and the finishing are sumptuous. It is possible to touch the luxury”.

Maurizio Leo Placuzzi, Sicis founder, adds: “In the last years the company experienced a great evolution on the trend of the fashion and the lifestyle. Let think for example at our jewels and watches. We are now at the following step: the fabrics for the coverings and curtains for the contemporary habitat (both residential and hospitality). We own a huge mosaic portfolio: why don’t use it in an original way for materials “less traditional”? And who knows, from the fabrics to the haute couture dresses the step could be short”.