There are millions of tesserae in the world, all replicable in shape, color, thickness.
But there’s only one kind of tesserae that can’t be copied: ours.
Aborigen Grey (150x270)


The secret lies in the matter of our mosaics, in the uniqueness and high quality of the composition of our glass paste: indeed we’re the only one in the world using a combination of silicon and 80% of precious fused minerals, while other companies use the exact opposite amount of minerals in their glass paste composition.

Aquarium Panel (90x214)_SiciStone Collection

This therefore enables us to have tesserae of remarkable strength, luminosity and with a unique play on colors and transparency.

Buvango - SICISRegent - Foglio 02 DIAllnatt - diamond collectio SICIS

Another fundamental characteristic of our mosaic tesserae is that they’re realized through a totally natural process deriving from the ancient techniques, in union with our cutting-edge technologies, thus representing a true trait d’union between tradition and innovation.

Inxert White (64x64)_SICIS SiciStone CollectionDalisa Pink DET1_SiciStone Collection Algar Grey (64x64)

This natural process makes the result subject to many factors, such as climate, temperature and environmental conditions. Therefore we’ll never have two identical tesserae, each and one of them will be unique, and will always show different tones of color (more than 600 possible colors so far!), cuts and thickness.

Araldica Conte STL1


You’ll never find two identical Sicis tesserae, THAT we can promise.