“Destination Micromosaic” is the name of the latest project we announced at our showroom in Milan last week: an exclusive art show we’re going to host for the first time during the Biennale del Mosaico in Ravenna this October.
We’re about to take you to a new, exciting adventure inside our 30 years of experience, from the the first tesserae we placed till the jewelry we create after mastering the ancient art of micromosaic.

sicis ravenna showroom milan mosaic

The show will be held at Palazzo Rasponi, a beautiful example of the 18th Century architecture, and it will be displayed in eight different rooms.
Each room is meant to be an immersive experience with 360° video projections of our iconic mosaic production, from portraits and baroque  floral compositions to patterns and the Japanese-inspired aesthetic.

mosaic sicis interiordesign video

A path made of screens will guide you in the discovery of our company: from room to room you will experience a different side of our history.
We dedicated a room to our iconic materials and they’ll be presented to you with “magic mirrors”, backlit tables and zenithal projections.
The journey will end in the room we dedicated to our Jewels, to the precious jewelry we realize by bringing the ancient art of micromosaic back to life.

jewels micromosaic sicis
We invested a lot of time and energy in the recover of this ancient art, with the purpose to make it great again, as it was during the Grand Tour Epoque.
We invite you to see “Destination Micromosaic” in October, and to dive into our history and unique art.

jewerly micromosaic showroom millano