When you have more the 600 colors of tesserae, breaking a pattern and aiming to an artistic mosaic composition comes just natural.

sicis mosaic art color

Nothing of what you see could have been achieved without the composition of our tesserae: they’re in fact made of the highest percentage possible of precious minerals and this is what makes them unique and inimitable. We are the only company in the world using this percentage of minerals and thanks to it we can produce an incredible variety of colors.

mosaic interior design

Art is about creativity, freedom of thought, and we decided to focus our expertise on this, on the possibility of using even the smallest of our tesserae to create something unpredictable, something that exceeded the reassuring beauty of a pattern.

The following step was to bring mosaic art from traditional spaces like bathrooms and pools, to different parts of the house in order to decor them: living rooms, bedrooms and halls were then the new territory in which we started experimenting and decided to apply our mosaic compositions, thus becoming the first in the world to create such an interior design solution.


Coming from the word “Musae”, Romans considered the mosaic  as the sacred work of the muses, something extremely precious and worshipful.

Care and devotion is what our mosaic masters put every time they’re creating an artistic composition. Each and every tesserae is placed by hand, no machine could replicate their job, therefore the result couldn’t be less than stunning and always unique. The whole mosaic production and creation artistic panels is entirely made in Italy. Our factory based in Ravenna is the heart of our business and the place where all the magic happens.

master mosaic artwork architecture interiordesign

We dedicate this month to our artistic compositions, to show you what breaking a pattern means, and what amazing things can be achieved. Keep following us on social networks to not miss any of it and in the mean time enjoy our Art Couture Catalogue