We always need to push boundaries in order to give you the most innovative interior design solutions and this year at Coverings is no exception.

We decided to go beyond mosaic, inventing glass slabs with a precious pattern inside made of polymer films or fabric, all with our signature on.
We called it VETRITE and it can cover every surface of a living space, from floors to walls, to furniture and finishings.
Vetrite BT 02 AMB1

Vetrite can be mixed with our mosaic, thus creating an incredible combination of styles and a living space that is a total work of art.
Artboard 10

We couldn’t forget our mosaic iconic collections, so our stand will display them in all colors, with the addition of our new format of the Diamond Collection.
Aborigen Grey (150x270)

Come visit us in Orlando from April 4th to 7th then, Coverings will be a great opportunity to meet you and to find together the perfect solutions to realize your interior design project!