Already present in London with a prestigious showroom in Mayfair district, Sicis is now also in the nerve center of London shopping, at Harrods, where the Textile collection is exhibited on the third floor of the historic warehouse.

Sicis continues the path in the field of furniture and lifestyle creating a line of exclusive fabrics.

The iconic collections of the Maison have been chosen for Harrods, decorations that underline the artistry and refinement of the mosaic art translated into precious and elegant textures. Particular fibers worked to enhance their intrinsic qualities and give strength to the colors, shades and tesserae of a soft mosaic. Twists of pure silk, wool, cotton, linen and lurex, these three-dimensional fabrics can be used to cover furnishings or refined draperies.

At Harrods you can also find a new range of yarns in natural fibers and new refined materials, suitable for any furnishing cladding with a thick title and a porous hand while still maintaining a delicate softness.

Sometimes the drawings, worked according to the jaquard technique, still play on the ‘tessera’ effect and highlight the tone-on-tone contrast of the relief. In other cases the tesserae are intertwined with floral decorations that recall some special early twentieth century embroideries, creating patterns charachterised by romanticism and newness.

The entire range is the perfect combination of craftsmanship, research and innovation.

Finally, you can find a line in which the most graphic and irregular decorations are evident, where the weft is thick, similar to a Scottish tweed, with a diagonal line.

Each choice has been carefully measured to present the peculiarity of a valuable product to the international public of this important location.

The goal of Sicis is to create unique and contemporary collections, with their own recognisable style and made in the best possible quality.

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