Glass3 is one of our iconic mosaic collections and we enlarged it by designing new stylish patterns.
Protagonist of this collection is glass, our favorite material when it comes to capture the light of a space and here it creates rigid geometrical structures that interact with one another creating unpredictable shapes.

sicis mosaic glass collection new
These shapes are the result of the fusion of order and chaos and the effect is kaleidoscopic and totally unexpected.
As Bruno Munari says: “is only with colors that shapes become meaningful; light is amplified and exalted by both transparencies and irradiant surfaces”, and this is the exact concept behind the Glass3 collection.
With these tesserae we try to give spaces a new sense and form.

sicis mosaic glass light color munari
Anthropomorphic and linear forms play in an endless composition of lines, circles, intervals and curves, giving the interior areas an enlarged and extended sense of space.
Colors are fundamental to us and especially to this collection, and they interact with more neutral tesserae to shape the pattern we designed.

mosaic glass colors interior design
As Richter stated, “Art is always contemporary”, and this is the sense we wanted this collection to have: a timeless interior design solution for any kind of space. Browse our Glass3 catalogue to see more of it.