SICIS has revitalized and restored mosaic as art to its former glory thanks also to SICIS’s highly specialized artisans and master mosaicists, educated at the famous mosaic schools of Ravenna and trained by SICIS.  These artisans assist SICIS in developing hundreds of drawings and artistic mosaics every year. Their artistry is SCIS’s badge of honor.

Ever since its foundation, SICIS has been designing and manufacturing all of its mosaic in its factory in Ravenna, Italy, with materials such as glass that it produces in its own facilities or that it sources directly; investing significant human and financial resources to develop new products, designs, trademarks and patents. Its production chain is 100% Italian; a source of pride for the whole Italian industry.

As a result of its success and by virtue of the great visibility derived from it, SICIS is often the victim of repeated acts of infringement, copying and imitation and unfair competition by certain irresponsible companies, including Kaiping City Rose Mosaic Co. (“Rose Mosaic”), based in China.

For several years, Rose Mosaic has been methodically copying SICIS designs, in blatant disregard and violation of Chinese and international Copyright laws. Extensive investigation of its products and catalogues revealed that Rose Mosaic has copied hundreds of SICIS original designs, which are protected by copyright laws. SICIS has irrefutable evidence of Rose Mosaic’s systematic infringing activities.

After a lengthy preparation, on February 1st, 2018, SICIS filed a legal action before the Beijing District Court against Rose Mosaic and its Beijing distributor and showroom, Pebbles Trade. The purpose of this action is to prove to the Court that Rose Mosaic, along with its distributor, infringed SICIS’s intellectual property, committed acts of unfair competition, misappropriated and copied SICIS mosaic designs, manufacturing products inferior in quality to SICIS’s products. Rose Mosaic promoted such infringing products in its catalogs, at times even reprinting images of the original SICIS mosaic design from SICIS’s catalogs, and marketing such copies directly and in collaboration with other companies.

SICIS’s legal action became necessary not only to protect its intellectual property rights, goodwill and reputation, but also to protect the valuable work of its employees, especially its master mosaicists. SICIS is confident that the Chinese judicial system will put an end to these unfair practices and infringing actions.

At the same time SICIS has decided that it is appropriate to inform the public at large of its legal action because the damage suffered by SICIS’s intellectual property threatens the whole industry, causing harm to all artistic creativity in addition to the serious damage to SICIS.

SICIS hopes that with this legal action in defense of its original designs, Chinese consumers will understand that unauthorized copies violate Chinese law and are usually of far inferior quality than the original product they copy.