The Continental Hotel Budapest is a stunning Art Nouveau building in the charming center of the city, formerly domicile of the prestigious thermal baths Hungária. Here our mosaic, furniture and lights has been chosen to decorate the the whole hospitality area.

The beauty of the majestic hall is enhanced by the giant reception desk we specifically designed for the Hotel and decorated with our unique mosaic from our Fiber collection.

reception design mosaic hotel

Matching the warm shades of brown and gold, we placed our Lescot lamps on the desk, while we chose the fine design of our Ballet lights to fall down the ceiling  to give an extra wow effect to the hall.

Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.31.26

In front of the reception desk we placed our Seduction couches, along with the coffee tables of our Queen collection, the latter made of colored metals and exquisitely decorated with tiny mosaic finishings.

coffee table interior design mosaic hotel
The lounge faces the lovely courtyard and here we placed our soft My Little Roses armchair in which guests can relax and have a traditional Hungarian drink and listen to the music of a precious grand piano. right in front of the stunning glass wall. This is a truly special and charming space you all should see.

lounge hotel luxury

Focusing on couches and armchairs, they’re dressed with our fine fabrics, hand-woven with particular looms that are able to give them a “tesserae effect”. The shades of bronze and gold provide the whole space a very elegant and contemporary look.

armchair hotel luxury lounge

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