Damisa, the leopard from Tanzania, is considered the most beautiful of all feline for its elegance, nimbleness and agility. It symbolizes the desire to act and fight for what you believe in, the freedom to choose what is right and what is wrong in your life. Sicis Jewels took the aesthetics of this courageous animal and made it protagonist of a unique jewel of its kind.

The mighty and sinuous body, in white gold, is covered with a mantle of characteristic spots in Micro Mosaic, diamonds and sapphires. A rare gemstone dangles from the paw, an Imperial Topaz, golden as the leopard vigorous eye. The tail becomes a necklace, entirely covered with diamonds and yellow and orange sapphires. The Micro and Nano Mosaic tesserae, which characterize all the jewels from the Maison, give the leopard coat a tactile effect and allow to intensify every nuance.The movement of the necklace, lightweight and airy, conveys the beauty of this object and makes it sublime.

Sicis, the art in the art.


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