A universal archetype, the Cosmic Egg, is the inspiration behind the realization of this beautiful and intricate necklace by SICIS Atelier, which represents the cosmic forces of nature and regeneration through them.
Enraptured by this overwhelming subject, they have combined the Micro Mosaic with more than 900 diamonds (for a total of 9,25 ct), 1200 sapphires (for 23,22 ct,)and 7 tanzanites cabochon, weighting in total 43,77 ct. Tanzanite is a recently discovered stone considered to bring good luck. It is extremely rare and sought after for its color, an intense blue that changes when viewed from different angles.
The oval elements are surrounded by two irregular ellipses entirely set with diamonds and sapphires, which refer to the orbits of the planets.
The whole figure expresses an irresistible force and enhances the beauty of the decorations in Micro Mosaic and preciousness of each element used.
Currently cosmology asserts that before 13.7 billion years ago, the entire mass of the universe was compressed into a volume of about thirty times the size of our Sun, from which it expanded up to the present size by means of the Big Bang.
The concept of cosmic egg has captured the imagination of many writers and it was often represented in various visual arts.