We traveled to France to develop a new, exciting project: the mosaic decoration of  the pool in a prestigious Villa in Provence.
The project was born by the union of different visions, the one of our architect and the landlord’s ones,  all together in synergy with our French showroom.

sicis mosaic pool design france

This mosaic composition was meant to meet the client’s ideas of customization and to develop them into something special with our unique expertise. From colors to materials, we chose the perfect tesserae to perfectly realize our client’s wishes.

iridescent mosaic sicis pool tesserae blue

We finely combined three different kinds of mosaic from our collections: Iridium Perwinkle (picture above) for the pool’s main body – perfect to capture the light and to obtain this glamorous iridescent look – , Navy and Murano White for  decorations and blue lines (picture below).

decoration blue pool villa water

Elegance, passion and a tasteful outcome is what always drives us in the development of projects, and this pool is no exception.

iridescent light pool water blue design

A last glim of this iridescent light our tesserae capture so beautifully and we’re ready to jump on the next project.

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