SiciStone by SICIS is one of the latest collection of precious marble and onyx panels featuring artistic mosaic inserts in glass or precious metals such as gold or platinum.

SiciStone by SICIS

Aquarium & Jungle from SiciStone


SICIS revived a millenary art, enriching the ancient designs through modern creativity. Marble and Stone slabs are waterjet cut in order to create the outline of the mosaic pattern/design that will be placed by hand in Italy. Each shape (abstract, or figurative) of SiciStone panels is created by hand by SICIS mosaic masters. Every tessera is cut and placed by hand so that the curvy lines and the details in colors and patterns are respected and highlighted.

SiciStone by SICIS revives and brings back to life a millenary art of which, due to frequent plundering, we have almost lost memory of it, by revisiting and enriching through the modern creativity the ancient designs. Thanks to cutting edge productive technologies, here then true and real gold and enamel embroideries come to life on delicate weaves in onyx and marble.