SICIS seizes the opportunity to presents its new collection to the American market at Covering – Las Vegas.


STD SICIS at Coverings 2014

STD SICIS at Coverings 2014


The SICIS stand at the 2014 edition of the Coverings trade fair is a treasure chest of history, revealing all the know-how of a company that over the years has reinvented itself in a variety of ways, mixing balances and contrasts, and playing with light, metals and the iridescence of mirrors, in a succession of evocative settings.

The new collection blends the textures of the Colibrì line, based on tesserae with a metallic glitter, with the formats, thicknesses and sturdiness of the NeoGlass collection. This new collection, called NeoColibrì, is comprised of different shaped tesserae, such as cubes, barrels and domes, in more than 70 colour varieties and 6 mm in thickness, which are enriched by the lustre of gold, silver and platinum. The combination of glass tesserae, either with a mirrored or an iridescent effect and marble tesserae that blend with glass create something new. These mosaic panels feature geometric patterns or natural elements, available both in “pixelated” compositions or realized with SICIS exclusive artistic techinique, all entirely hand-crafted in Italy.

And finally, the great coup de théâtre is SICIS Structura collection, which offers a series of glass mosaic panels with shiny square tesserae in different sizes, thicknesses and textures, for an intriguing multidimensional effect. Tesserae of different SICIS collections are combined together for an effect that seems casual but that in fact is a studied technique. Structura enlightens the three-dimensionality of a mosaic that recreates the effect of a dazzling waterfall, flowing on shiny walls in an original and unique way.

This collection gathers a vast palette by SICIS Colours, offering panels in warm tones, made even more precious by copper explosions of light or gold and platinum tesserae, or in a mix of silver tones combined with intense, colorful hints. Alternatively, this collection offers more daring combinations of deep and shiny reds, or blends with a more candid allure, with shimmering and milky shades, as elegant as an aquamarine.

The result is a journey that stimulates the perceptions and focuses the attention on the great SICIS tradition, once again demonstrating the company’s extraordinary ability to create masterpieces, drawing on a continuous search for subtle harmony, combined with the beauty of its materials.

We look forward to meeting you at the SICIS booth # L11068.