SICIS O’Clock is proud to present a unique collection of 55 mm case watches: Grand Tour collection.


Grand Tour collection aims to retrace the steps of the SICIS Italian mosaic on its conquest of the world. SICIS O’Clock nano mosaic masters created five watches in limited edition representing a typical Chinese Pagoda and blossoms on a tree, the Tour Eiffel and the Moulin Rouge at sunset, the amazing Taj Mahal at night, the stunning St. Basil Church in Moscow and Matrioska doll and the last one is an homage to the city of Ravenna – home town of SICIS – with Empress Theodora, portrayed in San Vitale Church.

A clock, by its very nature, has no present, it projects us into the future, it forces us to look forward. At the very moment, we look at its hands, following their path, unable to stop them, they have already moved forward. It is precisely this premise that gives birth to the Grand Tour collection by SICIS O’Clock.

A Grand Tour, like those undertaken by the scions of the European aristocracy in the eighteenth century, a journey of learning, and before that, of initiation, yet projected into another dimension. However, unlike the travellers of the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, who set off from Northern Europe mainly headed for Italy.