SICIS O’Clock unveils an extravagant new collection of watches: Circus collection.


The Circus with its magical made of sound and colors, has the power to transport the spectator into a dream-like dimension. It is this dimension straddling fairytale and dream that the pieces of this SICIS O’Clock collection strive towards.

The figure of the Joker, which originates drom the ancient medieval court jesterm takes us back to something that goes beyond the ordinary nature of things. Then, SICIS O’Clock artists give tribute to the animals that animate the Circus: the Monkey, the Elephant and the Seal.

All together these watches are another confirm of the talent of SICIS O’Clock masters who set each nano-tessera, made entirely by hand, in the watch dial individually, following the designs with their naked eye and creating unique and unrepeatable works of art. It takes more than dozens of hours to complete a nano-mosaic dial.