SICIS Next Art unveils a new furniture collection designed by Carla Tolomeo, pupil of worldwide famous artist De Chirico. All the magic of mosaic is added to the fabric: the vibrations of the budding, of drops inlaid with colour, of a thousand different faces that create and donate another dream of art.

Sedia di Fidanzamento is part of SICIS Next Art collection, designed by Carla Tolomeo for Sicis, and is produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

Sedia di Fidanzamento

A new concept of furniture

SICIS Next Art is a symbiotic union of the artist and the mosaic masters; a celebration of the artist’s vision combined with thousands of small tesserae vibrating and exploding with light, texture and three-dimensionality resulting in unique and prestigious works of art.

SICIS Next Art consists of ethereal chairs that combine luxurious fabrics and mosaic-decorated features uniting a shared heritage of ancient artisan techniques. Like colorful vibrant brushstrokes, the mosaic tesserae make their statement, unleashing their souls through iconic sculptures that transcend classic design into the surreal and metaphysical.

What you can admire in our first collection, the exclusive, worthy, proud start to a long path ahead. Carla Tolomeo has delivered them to us so that we could add yet more light and wonder. They are chairs, armchairs, small sofas, objects that transcend classic design and challenge sterile minimalism. A poetic touch, a nuance of folly. And the room comes back to life. Velvet, precious silk seats, again the heritage of ancient artisans, the backrests decorated in mosaics.


Hearts and moons, leaves and flowers: fanciful new items whose presence are laden with emotion.

The original element that distinguishes Next Art from other products in the market is the use of SICIS luxurious, artistic mosaic placed by hand by the mosaic masters in Ravenna, Italy. Every item is a single artwork created by SICIS mosaic masters through a careful and minute craft made technique.

Most of SICIS Next Art chairs and sofas are produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces, all 100% hand made in Italy.

To return the use of beauty to our day-to-day lives […] to recover the structural beauty invaded by the metamorphosis that the Chair itself has suggested; to connect the past to the present and make the present a joyful, magical, allusive place; to make tender, to seduce […]

Carla Tolomeo