SICIS, in collaboration with its historical partner «Kent Yapi 1985», has opened a new and exclusive SICIS Jewels store in the SICIS showroom at the prestigious Nişantaşidistrict of Istanbul, the City of Gold overlooking the Bosphorus.

ICIS Jewels showroom Istanbul

SICIS Jewels showroom Istanbul

After Paris, Istanbul is the second leading city to host the precious SICIS Jewels and SICIS O’Clock collections, produced in limited edition in line with the intricate and refined art of micro- and nano-mosaic, skilfully taken from the past and reinterpreted in Ravenna in a modern key.

The SICIS Jewels and timepieces recall the art that the Roman mosaic masters, exported around the world, as far as the court of the Tsar of Russia; an art that is still considered today a sort of ‘eternal painting’.

The SICIS O’Clock micro and nano-mosaic masters create tiny rods of gold and Venetian enamel, obtained by melting 9 different base colours to produce infinite combinations of precise colours and shades. They set each nano-tessera individually by hand, following the designs with their naked eye to create unique and unrepeatable works of art. And all this starts in the SICIS atelier in Ravenna.

Thus, the ancient refinement of Ravenna and the Byzantine splendours of Istanbul come together in the fabulous SICIS universe, as an exclusive interpreter of the micro- and nano-mosaic.

SICIS Istanbul showroom


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