SICIS Jewels goes to Qatar to present its micro and nano mosaic collection of jewels and watches taking part at the 10th edition of Doha Jewelry and watch exhibition.

STD SICIS Jewels Doha 2013

STD SICIS Jewels Doha 2013


SICIS recently embraced the world of luxury jewels and launched SICIS Jewels and SICIS O’Clock, two divisions featuring micro-mosaic techniques in jewelry and watches collections, handcrafted in a limited edition. SICIS Jewels and SICIS O’Clock collections are produced in the firm’s workshop in Ravenna, the result is a one-off line that symphonises gold, gemstones and micromosaic motifs.


SICIS embraced the challenging project of giving back to micro mosaic its magnificent and splendor that was almost lost. SICIS spent several years of historical research on the ancient tradition of micromosaic art and resulted in a precious collection of unique, hand made pieces of art: SICIS Jewels and SICIS O’Clock feature figurative decorations such as butterflies, animals and flowers, as well as abstract motives.

It takes hundreds of hours to create pieces in micromosaic, which is made out of brightly coloured millimetric mosaic tesserae. Threads of pure gold expertly cast by SICIS with nine original colors of enamel and glass fused together, which give rise to an infinite array of hues for nano tesserae. These mosaic tesserae are artistically fitted together to create patterns and motifs, a minute handcrafted work from the Ravenna atelier. Due to this SICIS products are marked 100% Made in Italy.

SICIS is traditional and revolutionary at the same time: the blend of ancient traditions with a touch of modernity, precious materials and exclusive techniques, enabled SICIS to trigger a new Renaissance of micromosaic and to fashion a design of truly rare mastery, in which each SICIS product is a unique work of art, thanks to the “eternal painting” of micromosaic.

“The mosaic is the ink for writing our story with“. SICIS shows how many different ways mosaics can be expressive, from interior design projects to high-end micromosaic jewelry. The languagesof mosaic. Those of SICIS.



Doha Exhibition Centre, Al Majed Group Pavilion, Booth 13