Roger Thomas creator of the interiors of Wynn Las Vegas, Encore at Wynn Las Vegas and further more, accepted the challenge to design the first SICIS Jewels collection in micromosaic.


Roger Thomas for SICIS Jewels Parure Fiore

Fiore by Roget Thomas for SICIS Jewels


Micromosaic, this noble, rare and demanding material offers unlimited colors, extraordinary detail and the permanency of stone. Roger Thomas has been excited by the invitation from SICIS to utilize this historic media in an entirely new and original way exploring sculptural and pictorial possibilities-never before seen or considered and elevating its value to be the equal of precious stones and the finest art.

The history of jewels and the decorative arts during the fluorescence of micromosaics in the Era of the Grand Tour have provided his inspiration.

“The enchantment and mystery of Micro-mosaic caught my attention as a very young man and I have always searched for an devoured every example I could find in museum collections and Antique galleries.

The romance of the Grand Tour is most beautifully captured by the Micro-mosaic jewelry, furniture and moments of the era”.

Roger Thomas


Intarsia, Ormolu, Fashion and Crown Jewels, Miessen Porcelain, and Chinese silks have all been referenced in the colorful, playful and elegant designs of this Collection. The art of micromosaic will find a renaissance in the hands of the talented artist masters of the SICIS Lab.