SICIS Jewels returns to Baselworld with new lines – jewelry and timepieces made with gold, mcro and nano mosaics and precious stones – in a multi-coloured rainbow of light that captures the eye as the design unfolds before it.

STD SICIS Jewels at Baselworld 2013

STD SICIS Jewels at Baselworld 2013

The craftsmanship of micromosaics is in fact an ancient art since micromosaic jewelry reached the heights of its glory in the 18th and 19th centuries.

With its ten-year experience, SICIS has regained mastery of this technique and, thanks to the introduction of innovative methods, has been able to breathe new life into it.

The SICIS Jewels designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas are completely innovative, with charms that dangle like droplets of light, hanging from gold or precious stone bracelets. Then there are the necklaces and bracelets, jewelry of rare quality that range from abstract to figurative and symbolic, conveying age-old emotions in contemporary objects.

SICIS O’Clock is the watch-making division that creates unique and unrepeatable objects, with masterly compositions of amazing originality. The collection is enriched with innumerable new pieces and variations, all in limited edition.

The collections

The watch, by its very nature, is not confined to the present but projected into the future; it forces us to look ahead in the precise moment we look at its hands, following their unstoppable progress as they are already ahead of us. This is the very premise upon which the SICIS O’Clock Grand Tour Collection is founded. Just like that undertaken by the young noblemen and women of Europe in the 18th century, this Grand Tour is a voyage of discovery, and even more so, one of initiation, projected into another dimension.

The Circus Collection also makes its debut at Basel, transporting the spectator into a dreamlike world, suspended between fairytale and dream. The poetic dimension is interpreted by the Flower Collection, in which the corolla of a flower magically unlocks to reveal the dial, framed by mosaics and lavished single diamonds.

The Mystery Collection revolves around and plays on transparency and the Labyrinth Collection, designed for SICIS by the American interior designer Roger Thomas, pivots on abstract and geometrical themes. Here, a snake’s sinuous spiral winds around the hands, amongst the sparkle of diamonds, in the dimension of knowledge epitomised by the Snake Collection.

As Maurizio Leo Placuzzi, President of SICIS says, the tiny tessera of a mosaic is like ink that gifted hands dispense to write jewels; to create an exclusive jewel or an ornament that is truly unique.