SICIS unveils the most luxurious collection: Gold entirely realized with gold mosaic tesserae.

SICIS is synonymous with luxury in all its artistic, decorative and architectural forms. What better allies, therefore, in the world of elegance and stylish opulence, than 24-carat gold?

Like a modern-day King Midas, SICIS lays its mantle of gold with magic carpets, ultrachic tapestries and stunning artwork. And of course, like an alchemist experimenting with different techniques and media, SICIS uses its medium of choice: the mosaic. This is used in all its forms, from wafer-thin nano-mosaics in gold to minute mosaics involving a high degree of dexterity and precision. The artists and craftsmen of Ravenna select, cut and set every single tesserae and micro-tesserae entirely by hand, thus contributing to create a true masterpiece.

SICIS also makes use of gold for more traditional uses, in the creation of its micro- and nano-mosaic ewels. Magnificent sets of jewelry in micro-mosaic, an art much in vogue in the nineteenth century, are given a modern twist of elegance and uniqueness.
Gold is paired with platinum, silver, shimmering iridescent glass and precious materials that, combined together create beautiful objects, true works of art of inestimable intrinsic value.

Just like gold, the most malleable and ductile of metals, SICIS reveals its flexibility by encompassing a wide variety of styles, from Byzantine art to ultramodern gold-on-gold designs. These are interpreted in the ateliers of Ravenna with cutting-edge techniques and all-Italian production, to create sophisticated and unique compositions that mix different shades of gold and play on transparencies and textures, for a modern yet classic effect.

Over time, gold has become the symbol of purity, value and loyalty, and SICIS serves as its rightful ambassador with its precious and enchanting Gold collection. A gold medal for SICIS.