SICIS projected and realized the amazing Spa of the Crown hotel in Melbourne. SICIS installed beautiful mosaic panels that make this ambience simply unique.


Crown Spa Male Vitality Pool_Crown Casino Spa, Melbourne, Australia


Mosaic was used both for floors and for walls, following curvy lines when necessary. Light aqua tones or blends with iridescent, blue-light blue tones, up to dark, black mosaic for the hammam areas. Entire wall of SICIS mosaics graduates in colour from a deep ocean blue to turquoise and mother of pearl. Crown Spa exclusively partnered with Swiss beauty company, La Prairie to deliver excellent quality.

Designed by Singapore-based architect and interior designer Michael Fiebrich, Crown Spa features a shooting palette of pale blues, greens, and neutral tones inspired by nature. The use of organic elements, natural materials and jewel tones are combined to create a sense of peace and restoration. Exquisite richly coloured finishings, textures, artwork and handmade furniture feature throughout.