SICIS unveils another incredible product realized with mosaic: the collection of bathtubs covered in exquisite colored tesserae.

The sumptuousness and elegance are underscored by the form, in a regal retro style that lends itself perfectly to SICIS mosaics, in its infinite chromatic variations. A decoration – whether geometric, floral, or stylized – often breaks the surface of reflections to create a note of uniqueness that is enhanced in the dialogue between the details: the feet in lion’s paw style, the rounded contours, the form of the bathtub.

Obviously, there is no lack of the modern, with bathtubs characterized by a simple geometry where the mosaic decoration finds perfect surfaces on which to experiment with expressive languages that are bold in graphics and colors. All demonstrating how the creative versatility of SICIS can interpret “time” and “matter” in every possible variation.

Latest protagonist of the collection is Audrey, a “shoe shaped” bathtub, whom has been designed by Massimiliano Della Monaca, an Italian designer. Audreys are covered with precious mosaic tesserae, artistically cut and placed by hand in Ravenna. The color and texture range available is very wide and it allows to reach endless looks and a high level of customization: a real hand-tailored “décolleté” shoe for a real diva.