For the Salone del Mobile 2012, SICIS, together with prestigious CASA Vogue, will be offering an unprecedented, exclusive event to celebrate its first 25 years. Margareth Madè will be the evening’s godmother.

SICIS and Casa Vogue

SICIS and Casa Vogue

Mosaic Languages

While the background will be lights from different mosaic panels, the foreground will star NEXT ART Chapter 2 sofas and armchairs. With arabesques or stripes, inexpensive silk or velvet, we are offering Art Nouveau forms but in an evolved context, where noble and refined elegance is once again seen in a new light, in dark colours lightened up by floral motifs in silver and gold, or in the severe stripes of tened by Art Nouveau’s gentle curves. Then, to crown it all: the gems.
A rediscovered art, micro-mosaics, which SICIS reinterprets at the top level of its creations, saturated with tiny shards of mosaic combined with precious stones. Pure extravangance. Gems other than those already seen and experimented with. At different times, a few models will appear on the staircase going down from the first floor, balancing between dream and reality, they will first stop at the showcase, then assume life and mingle with the guests to show off their jewellery.

Uniquely for this event, a selection of the various collections will be on the first floor, enclosed in display cases. Who gets an exclusive look? Margareth Madè, the evening’s godmother, is also one of the SICIS Jewels stars.

As the house tells it: “The mosaic is the ink for writing our story with.” It’s in this phrase–almost a claim–that encompasses our entire philosophy. The feeling of a work started with humbleness and dedication, which exploded with force and originality, reinventing itself over time–daring and challenging–always offering itself differently and extremely artistically. SICIS shows how many different ways mosaics can be expressive, from the most familiar decor to the synergy created with interior design to the rediscovery of the micro-mosaic and the creation of high level jewellery. To speak the–or rather the languages of mosaic. Those of SICIS.



17 April 2012, from 7pm to 9pm

via Fatebenefratelli, 8 – Milan