A new collection is born. PixALL by Sicis – in its colorful, numberless decorative and chromatic varieties, takes life on a computer screen. At the click of a mouse.


Augel PixALL Collection by SICIS

Augel panel by SICIS

A graphic software and a healthy dose of creativity define textures using mosaic tesserae at the place of pixels – the tiny dots composing the video images.

PixALL collection by SICIS is a representation of the fragmentation of digital surfaces: motifs and decors propose the jagged effect typical of the videoart, when seen at close-up. Its themes are the huge flowers, the stripes, the geometries of the Murano, Glimmer, Iridium and Colibrì collections.

With PixALL Degradé, instead, the elements fade into one another, from light to dark, in an endless pattern of surface and dimensions.. PixALL plays on surprising mixes, with a random effect of different colours. The result are unique, precious, unexpected surfaces, personalizing the house ambients with the masterful Sicis touch.