SICIS mosaics land in Mexico with a gorgeous shop-in-shop managed by Grupo Jager, the exclusive partner of the Ravenna-based company.

SICIS Mexico shop-in-shop

SICIS Mexico shop-in-shop

The store is located in the prestigious Santa Fé district, the point of reference for trade and finance, at Park Plaza, the most exclusive trade center in Mexico City.

This partnership marks the beginning of a larger project which will involve a further expansion in Mexico, through the opening of other shop-in-shops in Polanco D.F and Guadalajara.

The space in Santa Fé measures approximately 70 square meters, it is decorated with a Cosmati floor in black marble and gold details, a custom project especially designed for the store.

On the walls we find symmetrically displayed mosaic panels featuring the most distinctive collections such as SiciStone, Structura, NeoGlass and Blends. These amazing panels are either realized by hand thanks to SICIS artistic technique or feature pixelated, geometric patterns. The precious marbles by “The One”, along with over 500 plain colours in glass mosaic, enrich the store supply.

The Grupo Jager boasts of the representation of the best brands in the market and is the leader in the sector of luxury architecture in Mexico, therefore SICIS could not find a more similar and allied partner.


Grupo Jager – Park Plaza, Design District – Javier Barros Sierra 540, Santa Fe, D. F./Mexico City