SICIS O’Clock unveils a unique collection: Memento Mori
The famous Latin sentence “Memento mori” -remember you must die- takes its origin from an habit reported by the historian Tertullian: when a general came back to Rome after a great victory, he ran the risk of being overwhelmed by the honour of people and the sense of omnipotence. To avoid it, a servant was instructed to remind him of his human and mortal nature, whispering these words in his ear. It is just a kind invitation to enjoy the beauty of our life with dignity and right attitude.


SICIS O’Clock offers a reinterpretation of this sentence thought three watches. Tenebris with agolden skull with crossed bones, Opulentia with the skull on a black background decorated with delicate white flowersand Levitas with skull and a colourful butterfly in white and red tones.