SICIS presents Flower Power collection that is inspired to beautiful and shining flowers realized with glass mosaic tesserae.


Flower Power Collection by SICIS

Black & White – Flower Power by SICIS

The theme which flows through the entire collection is inspired by nature at its most vivacious and spectacular: Spring, with the multi-colour explosions of budding flowers.

A traditional theme, the floral one, interpreted by SICIS in a wholly different and unexpected manner. The force of colour, of form, of detail and dimension. Flower Power does not go by unnoticed, it invades a space and takes over. This collection distinguishes itself for its chromatics and its decisive approach, as well as for its background painting of huge flowers that go from sunflowers, narcissuses, daisies, noble roses, water-lilies, anemones, lilies, tulips, etc.

The range of subjects plays with the knowledgeable compositions following the muses of the Murano Smalto, Glimmer and Waterglass collections. The different material consistencies and perspectives of the three collections together give a variety of reflections and colorations that make the chosen floral theme even more vivacious.

Flower Power follows a coloured path, starting with white to go on to red, yellow, blue, green and ending with purple. An offering of a world of infinite decorative solutions and opportunities at the service of the client.