The Cosmati collection by SICIS is composed primarily of marbles and other natural stones. This collection reflects the tradition of the Cosmati family, a 12th century Roman family of master masons renown for their craftsmanship of decorative marble floors.


Cosmati collection by SICIS 1

Cosmati floor by SICIS



The Cosmati collection in made of monochromatic or polychromatic elements predominately geometric in a variety of colors, shapes, dimensions. The natural stones tiles are produced 1cm thickness: this allows to install with confidence in outodoor spaces.

The Cosmati floor mosaics conquer both eyes and emotions. The geometries and the masterful technique are perfected in the prestigious materials, expressed in a true aesthetic experience. The research into materials and technology, today allows SICIS to explore the art of Cosmati mosaic, projecting it towards new interpretations. From statue marble to black marble, glass engraving, surface polish or matt finishes, through to the antique effect of the hammered marble.

Art and memory run through the surface smoothed by time, laying light steps on marble carpets and lingering over an intriguing play on shapes and colours in the search for eternal harmony. This collection blends the same mastery that from Lorenzo to Jacopo , from Deodato to Giovanni, has been handed down in Rome for four generations through the 12th and 13th centuries. A mastery that still today continues to fascinate those who walk through the naves of the most beautiful Romanesque basilicas and turn their gaze to their feet.