Greenery is a truly refreshing color and it symbolizes new beginnings. Selected as “Pantone Color of the Year”, its positive energies inspired some of our iconic mosaic works.

sicis greenery interiordesign

Greenery is the color of nature, of a restoring dimension of our existence we all crave for, and applied to a room it can turn it into a truly revitalizing space.

mosaic greenery interiordesign home

A flourishing foliage reminds us of the lushness of great outdoors, and invites people to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate themselves. Isn’t this panel a great source of calm and happiness?

sicis mosaic greenery interiordesign luxury

Green and all its hues is the interior design trend we want to explore this month.
From tesserae like this…

green tesserae sicis mosaic interiordesign

We created a masterpiece like this:

sicis pool mosaic

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